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The race for the Scottish Business vote. Anas Sarwar and Humza Yousaf on a race course.
  • Business

The race for the Scottish business vote

It’s a marathon not a sprint but Scottish Labour seems to find it harder than their UK counterparts to forge ahead in the polls and as Managing Partner John Penman reveals, the same may be true when it comes to winning over business.

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Joseph Hutchison stands at a table while debating his point.
  • Politics

Why true debating skills matter more than ever in modern politics

Somewhere between the carefully prepared statements, ambiguous answers and never-ending bluster, the art of debating has been all but forgotten in politics. Here Joseph Hutchison argues why debating skills are more relevant than ever in today’s world.

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International Women's day collage image
  • Politics

Women to watch in British politics in 2024

This International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on five inspirational women in politics who might not be grabbing headlines themselves but who we’re sure will be making an impact on the political scene in this crucial election year.

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Lindsay Hoyle sitting in House of Commons
  • Politics

Six things the Gaza row shows us about this parliament

Pressure is intensifying for House of Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to go. 56˚ North Partner Gavin Shuker explores why chaos reigning at Westminster rarely rewards the incumbent party.

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Sunset over Westminster and Big Ben as 56 Degrees North launch a new General Election Advisory Board
  • General election
  • News

56° North launches new General Election Advisory Board

2024 continues to be a year of profound political turbulence, as the UK’s main political parties lay out their respective stalls ahead of the general election. Our new General Election Advisory Board is here to guide you through.

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Sophie Ashcroft on Sunderland Til I Die wearing a bobble hat and facing side on.
  • Business

The big business of sports documentaries

The fly-on-the-wall sports documentary seems to be everywhere but do they tell a true story of what happens? 56° North Director Sophie Ashcroft has a better handle on this than most. Here she gives us a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be in one, as well as some sound advice in case you’re thinking that it might be right for you.

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