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Our story

A young consultancy built on decades of experience.

About us


At the forefront of change in business, media and politics for over 25 years.


Broad, deep networks across media and politics to give our clients the inside track.


One team operating across Edinburgh, London and Newcastle.


Agile, innovative and fully focused on our clients and our people.

The 56 Difference

A long time ago (ok, 2020) in a galaxy far, far away (ok, a café in North Berwick) 56° North was born. It was a few days before lockdown and our founders, who’d had years of experience working for big plcs, were meeting over coffee, and discussing the need for a new approach when it came to supporting businesses.

The Glasshouse in Newcastle in front of a blue sky

They talked about the need for a new kind of consultancy, one they felt they had never quite managed to find when working in-house; one that understood the challenges of communications and public affairs as well as the bigger business picture.

London skyline at sunset with the Shard building in the foreground.

A consultancy that combined unrivalled experience with youthful innovation; one that was flexible and personable, one that understood how corporates ticked and was trusted to balance budgets and big ambitions. One that knew how to work effectively with senior executives and boards as well as in house specialists.

Today, we’ve built that consultancy. One which fills that gap, and we believe has redefined how to integrate comms and public affairs into business strategy.

And we’ve managed it because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve led big comms teams, we’ve run businesses, spearheaded campaigns and headed up public affairs departments.

In our relatively short existence as 56° North, we’ve already been tasked with leading big, long-term projects, delivering results on a short time frame with a challenging budget, landing a big story at short notice and communicating complex changes to a company with tens of thousands of employees across the globe.

So, we get it. Our goal is always to do things better. We’re creative, connected, and honest. We’ve got experience and passion.

And we deliver.

A glowing orange sunset over Edinburgh.

Our team

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