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Joseph Hutchison

Associate Consultant

Political communication graduate interested in all things UK and Scottish politics

As an associate consultant at 56° North, I undertake research, help with event organising and overall get stuck in with anything that needs doing. I really enjoy the variety of work day to day, as well as the opportunities to learn about such a large number of sectors; such as finance, transport, and health while working with a wide variety of clients.

I find the interaction between institutions, politics, the public and the news agenda particularly fascinating, and I enjoy working in communications and public affairs as it allows me to work practically around those concepts. I also enjoy the creative work, such as coming up with new ideas for campaigns, or new ways to condense complex information for clients.

Prior to joining the team, I completed a Masters in political communication at the University of Glasgow, with a thesis focused on the role of issue ownership in Scottish political outcomes, graduating with a distinction. Prior to that, I completed an honours degree in politics at the University of Glasgow.

I’ve also organised the bid for Glasgow to host the European University Debating Championships, the largest international debating competition in Europe and one of the largest student conferences in the world, a useful experience in campaigning, event, and stakeholder management.

And… I was once was on Songs of Praise.

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