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Gavin Shuker


A Luton native, I'm a politics and fintech expert

I’m a previous MP and fintech business founder, now providing specialist insight to help navigate political and regulatory change.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have held a diverse range of public leadership roles in politics, business and the third sector over the past 20 years.

A three-time election winner in a marginal seat, I served in Westminster as the MP for Luton South from 2010-2019. As a Labour frontbencher, I held a variety of Environment and International briefs. On the backbenches, I took roles in the influential Transport, Equalities and Environmental Audit committees. I developed an international specialism, travelling to over 30 countries and every continent with my work.

More recently I established a consumer fintech start-up business, securing a full suite of regulatory approvals from the FCA and operating under the Senior Managers regime. As the Founder-CEO I have first-hand experience of raising money, handling investors, engaging regulators and building out a multi-disciplinary team to take an innovative proposition to market.

At 56° North I help our clients sharpen their messaging and reputation across a variety of audiences – market, policy, press and political. I also apply my hands-on knowledge of Westminster, Whitehall, regulators and the capital markets to give organisations an edge as they plot a course around tricky problems, and achieve systemic change.

And… I am the inaugural winner of the UK Parliament’s Bake-off contest (and arguably reigning champion, given it‘s never been repeated).

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